Saturday, November 15, 2014

Quinoa tacos

Lately Ive been enjoying playing around with new ideas for meals & I came up with these delicious quinoa tacos. Scarlett is a vegetarian and its so much easier to just make a dinner that we can all eat instead of making her something separate without meat, and thank goodness she loved these! 

1 cup of rainbow quinoa
1 can of organic peeled tomatoes
1 can of organic black beans
3-4 cloves of garlic
1 yellow onion
1 lime
1 avocado
mini corn tortillas 
olive oil
(pepper jack cheese)

Wash and cook the quinoa according to the package. Mince the garlic and chop the onion and sauté with olive oil until the onions are a little soft. Meanwhile dice up the tomatoes and add them to the onions and garlic along with the black beans. Let those cook together for about 5 mins and then add the quinoa. Season with cumin and garlic salt. I also added a handful of pepper jack cheese right at the end to melt in. 

Mix a few spoonfuls of veganaise with about half the juice of your lime & sprinkle some salt. 

Brush your tortillas with olive oil and warm in a pan

Add a spoonful of your quinoa on your tortilla and top with avocado, veganaise sauce, and cilantro & viola! 
This recipe makes a lot so I usually have leftovers for lunch the next few days :) 

Sunday, November 2, 2014


This Halloween I found the most amazing thing ever, I wish I could say I thought of it myself but I'll give the credit to Walgreens.. "halloween hunt eggs". They had spooky eyeballs and little pumpkin eggs to do a fun egg hunt. Since Scarlett was obsessed with the Easter egg hunt this year I knew she was going to love it. & she did. She made me re-hide the eggs over & over...  This year Scarlett was a little kitty & Sadie was a bumblebee.. If I wasn't such a procrastinator they both would have been kitties.. oops! Good thing Sadie is adorable in everything! We went trick or treating with our good friends & their neighborhood is so fun & totally in the Halloween spirit with so many cute decorated houses and haunted houses, we had so much fun! After Scarletts' huge candy binge (a lollipop, candy bracelet & cheese its) she cried that her belly hurt & that mommy & Sebastians' mommy gave her too much candy & it was not nice! But she forgot all about that the next morning and asked if we could go trick or treating again :) ...  Now that Halloween is over I'm ready to put up my Christmas decorations.. 

Daddy carved Scarlett a kitty pumpkin since thats her current obsession
Her favorite thing ever was her tail

 I seriously can not handle the cuteness between my girls. They already have the most special bond with each other. From the second Scarlett wakes up she needs to hug & kiss Sadie & now she's obsessed with holding her. This evening Scarlett asked me to put Sadie on her lap even though Sadie was super fussy and tired.. So Sadie started crying and Scarlett kept saying "Whats wrong Sadie, your teef hurt? Its okay I got you." Then when Sadie finally fell asleep Scarlett ran over to her & woke her up... Well of course I got upset and Scarlett said in her saddest little voice "I just want to kiss her, hers my best friend." Im not makin this stuff up. How did I get so lucky with these angels?! Scarlett doesn't just love her baby sis, she's also very protective over our pup. Our BOY dog Beasley drives me crazy by always jumping up onto our table so the other day he jumped up there and I said "Beasley you want me to put you outside!!?" & Scarlett yells "NOO Beasleys my sister!" haha

Making sugar cookies today with her bestie Noah <3

Saturday, October 11, 2014

mommy adventures

So I have to admit, tonight as I was nursing Sadie to sleep, I sat there reading all my old blog posts.. I swear its not as tacky as it sounds ha. I was smiling the whole time reading them remembering all the funny and sweet times I have had with Scarlett. I honestly would not remember half these things if I had not wrote about it in my blog. I have random little notes in my phone of funny or sweet things that my girls have done or said but somehow they will get lost & forgotten.. So I am going to share some of them here for my self to look back at & for who ever reads this to hopefully enjoy. 

One day we were laying in bed & I said "ewww Scarlett there's a boogy on your face!" She takes it off and looks at it on her finger & says "nice to meet ya!" Maybe you had to be there but I almost died. 

If you let Scarlett sit in the bathroom for too long after going potty, you will regret it. She uses the entire roll of toilet paper every time so she can get to the "scope" at the end. Lets just say we spend a lot of money on toilet paper. 

Scarletts most current obsession is growing bigger, which has worked very well in my favor. I can literally get her to eat anything by telling her it will make her grow. Hope she never grows out of this. 

Oh and she is no longer "Scarlett" anymore. She is "mommy cat" & you must call her that. 

If I start to tell Scarlett not to do something she usually says "shhh don't talk" or "no, no be a nice mommy"

She seriously has the best manners.. taught her well ;) (except when she tells me not talk talk ^ ha)

Scarlett is obsessed with Sadie, from the second she opens her eyes, she pops up & looks over at Sadies pack & play to see if she's awake yet. The other day we ran into a family friend at Whole Foods & she was holding Sadie. Well little miss Scarlett did not like that & told her "I want my Sadie back" 

Tony always tells me how in love Sadie is with me. & I have to admit its true. Not to toot my own horn or anything but every single time she sees me she lights up and gives me the biggest smile. & If I'm walking around the house her eyes will follow my every move. But I am a million times more in love with her. 

Okay I thought I had more in my notes but guess not. I always tell myself "oh I'll remember this! How could I forget?" aaaand I almost always forget. Thank goodness I take a million pictures a day. Heres some of my favorites.. 
Getting to know each other. Sadie was only a few days old here.

always day dreaming <3

haha didn't even plan on matching christmas summer

Christmas Jack & Zero at Scarletts tea party

Uncle Reid <3

My dad & best grandpa ever. Also the most handsome guy around. Even being so sick he's still a catch!

lovin each other
So I thought this was the sweetest moment ever. Scarlett was playing with Sadie holding her little glove above her face & Sadie was smiling so big..  Well a few seconds later I was responding to a text my from husband & I look over & that whole glove is stuffed into Sadies mouth.. oopsies, at least it was sweet for a minute.... 

Wearing Tonys sisters baby clothes! This outfit is over 30 years old! 

my poor teething girl fell asleep with her finger in her mouth

& the happiest sweetest girl alive
I have to say I love being a mom of two, these girls bring me so much happiness. & I am so lucky to be able to stay home with them & raise them. I look forward to every single day with them, its always  a new & fun adventure. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


We've been busy little bees lately now that the weather is cooling down and we can actually spend the day outside. Mine & Tonys wedding anniversary is also my parents wedding anniversary so along with celebrating with my husband I also celebrated with my mom :) We went to art in the park in Boudler City which is always fun.. & later that day Tony & I celebrated... with 2 kids.... at Disney live music festival.. BUT to be honest I wouldn't have it any other way. He also got the night off work so we got to spend time together after the girls went to bed. The next morning we drove up to Mt Charleston & hiked at Mary Jane Falls, which is beautiful! Scarlett was in heaven climbing every single rock in sight. Fun for her, not fun for overprotective daddy. It was a beautiful day and felt like a mini vacation. A much needed vacation from the reality of what is going on in my life. My dad has been sick for years and years with hepatitis C and recently he was diagnosed with liver cancer. I hate you cancer. Back in January my dad was told he has 2-3 months to live & he has fought & is still fighting today. He is amazing and strong but the cancer is winning. He is still at home but it is taking over his body very quickly now. He is confined to a hospital bed where he can no longer walk, barely move his body, and he's not really able to communicate much anymore. It is the hardest thing I have ever had to go through in my entire life. I will start to think to myself "this isn't fair", "why MY dad?". But this is life and I am so thankful to have been able to spend 25 years with the most amazing man and father a girl could dream of. Truly, my dad is the kindest, most loving, selfless person Ive ever met. He will always bring a smile to my face and has filled my heart with so much happiness. Through this all I have been able to smile and it really is because of how lucky I am to have had such an amazing life so far because of him.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sadie Isla

My little sunshine Sadie is here... & she's already almost 3 months old! Her personality is just so calm & go with the flow (totally different than Scarlett!) & thats exactly how she was when it was time to enter the world. I really think she was just in my belly smiling & happy with no plans on ever coming out. Once my due date came & went I decided to get induced. I was so beyond nervous about it though. Scarlett came a week early, with my water breaking at home & my labor was so quick & easy.. So I was terrified if I got induced that things wouldn't go as well & I was so worried about having to maybe have a c-section. Looking back on it now I loved getting induced because we made our last day as a family of 3 really special. ((oh can I also add that Tony Sadie & I were all born on the 28th of our birth months! & Scarlett on the 8th:)) I was a nervous wreck thinking about having to leave Scarlett, I had never left her overnight before & she sleeps in my bed & we cuddle all night (& I wouldn't have it any other way). My doctor had us check in at the hospital at 4am! I seriously love my Dr but come on Glassman! ha Needless to say Tony & I slept about 2 hours that night & then headed to the hospital to meet our second little girl. Well lets just say I had the most wonderful labor ever! I was in labor for 4 hours & little Sadie came out not making a peep! She scared me to death but as Ive come to learn she is just not a crier. She didn't really cry the first 2 months of her life.. that is until evil teething came to bite us early! This post is totally all over the place! I just have 3 months of stuff to talk about & its hard to stay focused! Anyways.. Sadie literally was smiling the day she was born. & not that whole oh she's passing gas thats why she's smiling bolognie.. she was really smiling, & she has been ever since. I am so beyond blessed with her & can not handle the happiness her & Scarlett bring into our lives. Seeing my 2 girls together makes me the happiest mommy ever. 

Some things Sadie has been doing...
Sadies first coo July 30 (1 month old)
At 6 weeks she slept 8 hours woo hoo!
Sadies first laugh sept 14 (2 1/2 months)
Sadie rolled over for the first time sept 23 (almost 3 months)

Sadie loves toys & will smile so big when you play with her. She loves when you talk to her, she will talk right back & have a "conversation" for a pretty long time :) She loves to be outside & trips to the park with Scarlett. Her favorite thing in the world though is bath time. She kicks & wiggles like crazy & is in heaven!

Friday, April 4, 2014

tired and rambling

I AM EXHAUSTED! Being 28 weeks pregnant with a two year old is no easy job! But tonight I am so thankful she did not throw a major tantrum when I put her to bed. I've finally decided its time to put Scarlett in her own bed at night. I absolutely love having her sleep in bed with me, but it's just not going to work when this baby comes. So last night was the first night in her own room. She cried and screamed, a lot... & I had to eventually bribe her with chocolate. It worked like a charm, & she was asleep in 5 minutes. She's always been a terrible terrible sleeper and still at two years old rarely sleeps through the night. Well last night she didn't wake up until 2am, which is a good night for us, and she was crying about scary snakes in her room.. So I let her finish the night off in bed with me. It's a process, for both of us, obviously. As I got in my bed all by myself tonight & popped in my favorite movie "You've Got Mail", I thought two things.. I would KILL for some salt and vinegar chips right now & wow I have a lot of things to be thankful for. I could literally complain about 100 things during this pregnancy but I have way more to be thankful for. Let me just start off saying my husband told me to go shopping the other day. I went all by myself & it was wonderful. Can I just say how much I miss and love Urban Outfitters. I havn't been in forever, and although I can't wear half the clothes I want to right now, I did get some cute stuff :) I also got some stuff for this baby girl which is always exciting. Tony gave up his office for this baby's nursery, and he might not know it just yet but he is going to paint this baby's room so cute.. I really am so thankful for such a sweet husband. I have had my days this pregnancy where I would expect to be murdered in my sleep with the way I acted earlier in the day, but he always just says he knows its because Im pregnant and understands. 
I am thankful for a nice day with my mom & Scarlett today. & I am so beyond thankful for my wonderful dad. Aside from my husband, he is the best man I have ever known. 
I am thankful for Scarlett helping me wash my hair in the bath tonight, it is almost impossible now. Coconut oil, which I use for just about everything. Still being able to workout. Peanut butter, id die without it. This amazing weather we have been having. Feeling this baby kick. Sweats & sweats again, because its all I wear. 

....Now I am back to thinking about the salt and vinegar chips. Pregnancy cravings are no joke. I truly think in my head.. "hmm can my husband leave work to get me a bag? It's kind of an emergency." If anyone wants to deliver 1 or 2 or 3 of these bags of gold I will love you forever. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

valentines day

love love love Valentines day. 

I promised myself I would send out Christmas cards this year, but that never happened... so I decided on Valentines day cards <3 Which I think I love even better! We did a last minute (of course) mini valentines photo session at Kinderland.. luckily Scarlett is so cute because the photogragher had all these cute props but they are all cut out in every picture.. ummm... helloooo?! I guess thats what you get for being a procrastinator and not setting up a real photo shoot. Might as well add to my procrastinator-ness and add that I also went and picked out an outfit for Scarlett on the way to get her pictures done.. ya her pants are a little big.. You live & you learn, for next year.. Oh geeez I hope! Anyways, the pictures were just supposed to be of Scarlett, but the photographer told me to get in some with her. I wish Tony was there to get in on them too, but he was sleeping, so he didn't make it on the card.. Next year he will.. and all of our clothes will fit well.. and the background will not look like I am selling Scarlett for 25 cents... As if this photoshoot couldnt get any worse, Scarlett suddenly needed a nap conveniently when it was time to get her picture taken, so to try and get her to smile we had to sing her Happy Birthday over and over... and over.. and then she smiled this big.....

Thankfully our card is still pretty cute.. but I do promise to be more prepared next year.

This year for Scarletts valentines we did glitter noodle necklaces & decided to add something for the boys, since most of her cousins are boys.. so we added some bugs too. They turned out pretty cute. 

Since were on the topic of love... Can I just talk about how much I love Scarlett. My heart is so filled with love for her that I think it might burst. I have more fun and laugh harder with her than anyone else.. sorry Tony.. you come right in second <3 I have no idea how I got so lucky to have such a little angel, but I am so beyond thankful. Thankyou.Thankyou.Thankyou. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
.i love you Scarley poo.

& you too Tony... I love you so much <3